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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I was watching my dog watch her
Of course at that point I didn't know what he was watching
I woke up with my eyes oriented in his direction
He must have wandered back into my bedroom after... well, just after.
He was skeptical of her, but was playing it cautious
Laying in his bed in the corner
but ready to leap into action if the situation required it
I looked at him for another minute or so
before turning my gaze to her
She was still naked, running her fingers across my valet case
now just becoming aware of the layout of my bedroom
Becoming less confident than she was the night before
Going drink for drink with me, a complete stranger
an extra button undone on her blouse when I returned from the Men's
But she's was more girl than woman this morning
legitimately caught off guard when she saw me awake
quickly smiling and grabbing the pillow under my head
hugging it longwise against her chest
All of a sudden demure, shy, and reticent
"What's in here?" she asked, gesturing to the mahogany box
"Watches, cufflinks, stuff like that", I replied.
She carefully lifted the lid, curious to confirm.
Slowly thumbing through each compartment
Holding up a random item to examine, before returning it to it's place
"What are these?" now holding a small leather box
"Brass collar stays", I smile. "I despise rolly collars".
She opens the box and withdraws a mismatched pair
One slightly shorter than the other
She grows younger now, looking almost..well.... virginal


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