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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Its the little things
that let me know she's been here
(when she not supposed to be)

still-warm water droplets in my tub
the scent of a cologne I haven't worn in a while
Diorskin Nude inside the collar of my favorite shirt

My bed a little too well-made
her silhouette barely graces my pillow
my robe hung a little too neatly on the closet door

HF Saint upside down in my bookcase
Damien Rice at the top of my playlist
Prescriptions aligned in the medicine cabinet

My notebooks, dog-earred and well-read
a cigar missing from my humidor
(not one of the good ones though)

Maybe I shouldn't be away from the house for so long
maybe I should keep all the windows locked
but then who would keep me company?